The Trapeze Artist

Solemn opportunity, her body swings and raises awe
Gold embedded emblems enwrapped the purple spandex
Slender and unabashed of her propensity, figure glow
Ten Dollars brings attolent of non-reserved seating
By and often, swings a spectacular airborne evening.

Her wrists was writhing
Purple sores were common
Mistakes were the burns
Slathered the pungent oil

Clasped powdered callous grips the suspended board
Steadily risen, beams illuminate a daring silhouette
A sudden picturesque plunge, nothing leading but faith
Sounds obscured and a tranquil dance unaware of itself
Cast a netting of onlookers inspired by curvature words.

Turtleneck attire covered
Misaligned color splotches
Contrast soft pale skin
Tired limbs still listened

The show is finished, reaching applause finally caught up
Landing impactful and she stood and didn’t need to listen
An employ of understanding leaped its way into our esteem
‘What was it for’ was already performed for ticket holders
Seemingly kinetic flex the lack thereof never is done in vain.