The Mirror Toad

Hue canvas of the fuzzy undergrowth slides
Thwart the embiggened interlopers perusing
Croaking with ego, the toad invites itself
An inner chamber sequestered inside an oak
The seemingly promise of food discoveries
Too precious to be dissuaded by foresight

Human trinkets were laid strewn and settled
Solidly held in place with the hardened mud
It shuffled in and finds itself with another
Another of its own, ignoring everyone else
And finds this one toad’s presence appalling
Hisses, inflations all meant to deter failed

Foliage unsettled and shoved the toad glanced
Backed away with a leap for any jaws snapping
The other spitting image, past the metal frame
Unware, it too, danced with its ego colliding
The mirrored frivolous attempt to be unkind
The soft mud carries all their sardonic weights.