Sunset liquid horizon

Inquisite fragrance of joy drew me in
Longevity compressed everlasting drops.

The slick oil runs smooth
The body curvature,
Enduring the blight of seasoned
Hand holding,
Egos constantly collide:
The music still plays,
Rhapsody of fabric colors engage
Whose conversation evoked your lips?
Was it the tongue’s harmony?

Sun heat is the soul’s kettle,
You bask in it,
And the moon shines.

Ventured crosswalks still had your shadow,
Scents fortifies non-tangential steps,
Hair frolics as if the wind assuaged it,
Belt adorned by the silver birthstone,
Let in slide - Weight’s street passersby.

Moon shine is the soul’s tonic.
You sway in it.
And the sun waits.