An Open Invitation - by Tesla

I take it

Myself, the carapace that contains an essence
That wasn’t my own to begin with,
It’s pollinating cringe startles the clockwork
Sun, the Sun isn’t made aware the nail bitten
Low brow amenities reassured answers to keep
the logical standard form satiated.

It seems tangible

I don’t have to

Symbols, the representation sovereignty divine
Worth pretending as agreement betwixt,
Resounded the accompaniment of goals fill you
Hope the persistence of data does not will,
Should not will transitions to be recoil
Pestering echoes between each ear lobe.

Was it always yours?

Be still

Pride of self-sustaining economical gauges
Sincerity of effort that never buffers,
Endless sunless radiance of a silent watch
Ticked the appropriate pronoun’s eyelid, laughing
How many times has this been uttered,
How many ways has it been folded to be kept?

I’m always here


I listen to your inaudible texture of laughter
Somewhere where it doesn’t look smug,
Pointless and oddly plagiarizing of a sound
We all heard probably long before you came,
These letters can be shaken off and only then
Will yours and mine can be transcribed again.

Putting that aside, I think coffee is best

Don’t be coy