Fruits for a Kitsune

Rulers of gold, dumpers of valuables, heightening synesthesia
Walking along the top of gates meant for the bipedal kind
Ruling our inexcusable jargon of empty containers, leftovers
Wonderful belly expanding bounties - the beautiful audacity

All of these were meaningful trinkets, from a oak wood desk,
These treasures of men beholden to me, to the unwanted tripe,
Wishes come from a spirit that were many, all taken by her,
The playful fox has no beckoning or fancies, who’s outside.

Man, woman, beggar, aristocrat, artist, socialite, hermit,
Many forms the eyes of all the propensity for neighbors
The laughs and aloofness has her gleaming scents for many
Time has an express bus for a flat circle map - she travels.

I as in the handler of the kitsune spirit, hands not idle
Just to me or to the neighbor’s kin or wellwisher’s delight
Delicate coat swim in the night shade with a tint of moon
Shine the efficacy of a thousand year old dream’s backyard.